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Our Bridal Shower Bouquets

Please find below some of our beautiful creations. Whether you have seen a picture of a bridal shower bouquet you would like, have an image in your head, or have no idea at all, our local bridal florist can create something beautiful which will be a memorable part of your special day. We can design attractive packages to suit all budgets.

Prices include free delivery to home, church and reception including assembly work at the venues.

We’re frequently asked questions about bridal shower bouquets for weddings and you can find the answers to this questions below.

Bridal Shower Bouquets FAQs

A bridal shower bouquet is a more cascading design which trails down, flowing like a waterfall. Traditionally larger at the top tapering down, this cane be done in either a compact flower filled style or a more rustic vibe with lots of flowing foliage creating a real statement piece.

There are so many options for every bouquet and each one can be tailor made to your taste.
Whether you want an abundance of beautiful roses or a more natural, wild feel with lots of luscious foliage, to sunflowers, orchids, peonies, pampas and dried flowers and so much more. We can take you through all options to ensure the bouquet of your dreams.

Price varies greatly depending on size, style and types of flowers used in each design. After the initial consultation and we have a clear idea on your wishes we can then give a costing. If you have a budget in mind we are able to design to suit and give all options available.

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